Monday, November 21, 2011

Website I love: Zero to Three

I just love the Zero to Three Website! Zero to Three is a  a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote the health and development of healthy toddlers and their website is packed full of information about infant and toddler development. The resources range from developmental milestone charts for parents to webinars on public policy for professionals. It's a great resource for both parents and professionals!

One of my favorite features of the website is the "From Baby to Big Kid" newsletter. Just enter your email address and your child's birthday, and you will receive a monthly email with age-based information about child development, the latest research and what it means for parents, age-based frequently asked questions, articles on common parenting challenges, and activities that promote bonding and learning.

Zero to Three also has a new podcast series available that looks promising. The goal is to help educate parents on the latest research on child development and what parents can do for their child.

Be sure to check out all Zero to Three has to offer at

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