Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Games that help develop motor planning skills

Motor planning is the ability to plan and complete a motor action. Maybe you've heard it referred to as praxis. Or maybe you've been told that your child has dyspraxia (difficulty with planning and completing motor tasks).

Occupational therapists often use obstacle courses and Simon Says-type games to work on motor plannings skills. Are you looking for some fun ways to work on motor plannings skills? Here are a few games that I have used during OT sessions. Most are also easily adaptable to a variety of skill levels!

Wiggle and Giggle | This is a fun game for children who are developing balance and motor planning skills. The idea is that you must hold the ball with a body part while also completing a motor action. For example, you might have to hold the ball between your legs while hopping like a frog. It's also good for following two step directions!

Boochie |  This game is a spin on the classic game of bocce. In Boochie you keep track of your score on a wrist tracker, which also gives a different throwing challenge for each round. You might have to throw the ball between your legs, while lying on your back, or a number of other challenges. The different positions for throwing make this game great for developing motor planning skills.

Foot Loose | This is a simple game that you could probably create yourself. The game board contains a variety of actions, such as jumping jacks, push ups, and bunny hops. Whichever one you land on is the action you must complete.

Hullabaloo | It's hard to go wrong with a game from the makers of Cranium. This game is geared toward younger children (preschool) and works on colors, shapes, following directions, and listening skills in addition to movement. This game is a bit pricey on Amazon, so definitely shop around before you buy.

Twister | Possibly the most classic motor planning game. Not only is it great for working on motor planning and balance, it's also great for working on left/right discrimination skills.

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What are your favorite motor planning games?


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  1. This is a great post. I have a background in early childhood and developmental delay...however this is my first school OT job and I am looking to build my activity list. Always learning!


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