Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A PT's Perspective: Rebecca of Dinosaur Physical Therapy

The PT Month Celebration continues! Please welcome Rebecca Talmud of Dinosaur Physical Therapy! Rebecca has experience working with children ages 0-21 and her enthusiasm for kids is clear from all of her informative posts and fun ideas on her tumblr, like these fun yoga cubes:

My life as a physical therapist in five words:

Never-ending fun and excitement.

Four qualities every pediatric PT should have:

Creative. Warm. Fun. Intelligent.

Three resources I can't live without:

The children I work with, my fellow pediatric therapists, and journal/research articles.

Two words (or more!) of advice for parents to develop a working relationship with their child's PT:

Be open and honest, express your concerns, your wishes, the limitations that you see and what has or has not worked in the past. Watch your child's therapy sessions, do not be afraid to ask questions, try out the activities yourself, get involved. There is nothing better than a motivated and involved family. Working together is so important to the success of the child!

One dream for the field of physical therapy:

More evidence based practice!

What I do to rest and relax (or in OT terms, how I maintain occupational balance):

I love to read, write, create, explore, and spend time with my amazing husband and adorable bulldog.

Rebecca, thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and share your perspective! Readers, be sure to follow Rebecca's tumblr, visit her website, or follow her on Facebook to learn more about physical therapy and her fun and creative ideas! Like this yoga mat. I totally need to make one of these.

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