Tuesday, September 9, 2014

In My Therapy Bag | Liz from Brightsong

Today I am so excited to have the first speech-language pathologist stopping by to participate in the "In My Therapy Bag" series. Liz McMahon is the clinical director and speech-language pathologist for Brightsong, LLC. Brightsong is a private practice providing PT, OT, ST, and Developmental Therapy for children from birth to age 18 in the greater Memphis area. You can find out more at www.brightsong.net and on their blog, Milestones and Benchmarks.

What's in my therapy bag?

Balls! Playing ball is a lot of fun for both children and adults. There are many important developmental skills targeted during ball play. Throwing, catching and kicking may be the first ones that come to mind, but balls are also great toys for speech therapy.