Tuesday, November 4, 2014

In My Therapy Bag | Deborah from North Shore Pediatric Therapy

Please welcome Deborah Michael from North Shore Pediatric Therapy! Deborah is a pediatric occupational therapist and the founder of North Shore Pediatric Therapy. With four locations in the Chicago area, she and her colleagues help each child blossom to their ultimate potential.

What's in my therapy bag?

One fabulous tool for your occupational therapy toolbox is theraputty. This tool is a resistant play dough that works on strengthening the small muscles of the hands and fingers. Theraputty can be used in a variety of ways to improve hand strength, while also being highly motivating for children.

8 Fun Ways to Use Theraputty to Develop Hand Strength:

  1. Hide marbles or buttons in the putty, and have your child go on a treasure hunt to find the items.
  2. After your child finds the objects in the putty, have him hide them in the putty and give the putty to a sibling to go on a treasure hunt.
  3. Hide plastic alphabet letters in the theraputty. When your child finds one, have him practice writing the letter or words that begin with that letter. 
  4.  Use theraputty as a fidget tool or squeeze ball. Form the theraputty into a round ball and have him squeeze it multiple times.
  5. Use theraputty as play dough during play time. Have your child create animals, shapes or other creatures out of the putty. 
  6.  Practice feeding utensil skills by cutting theraputty with a fork and knife. 
  7.  Hide coins in the putty. What your child finds, he can keep! 
  8.  Hide game pieces in putty (i.e. Checkers pieces, pawns for Sorry!) before family game night. Your child has to find the pieces in order to play the game.
These activities using theraputty develop your child’s hand strength, which will facilitate fine motor skills, handwriting and the ability to independently complete tasks.

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