Monday, January 19, 2015

Apps for OTs | Tiny Tastes

Today I am so excited to be participating in a blog hop and sharing with you a cool, new app I recently discovered. Tiny Tastes app is essentially a timer that encourages kids to try new foods.

Created by Emily Garber, a pediatric nutritionist, Tiny Tastes uses a picture of your child's food, along with  encouragement from Tiny the kangaroo and the opportunity to earn coins, to teach kids to try new foods.

The coins can be used to buy items from the Tiny Store, such as a new bowl or spoon for Tiny to eat with.

Tiny Tastes doesn't just help kids try new foods, it also helps kids drink, with a variety of cup choices available. I think this could be a great tool for transitioning kids off of the bottle, or for encouraging a child to use a straw.

This is a cute app with a fun reward system that feeding therapists and parents alike may find beneficial for their child. As an occupational therapist, I think this app could be a nice supplement to a child's feeding therapy program, or a nice way for parents to encourage their child to try new foods outside of feeding therapy sessions.

Ways to use Tiny Tastes app:

  • Encourage children to try new foods
  • Encourage children to eat or drink more quickly
  • Transition off of the bottle
  • Help children drink from a different type of cup
For more ways on how the Tiny Tastes app can be used in therapy, check out the informational PDFs on the Tiny Tastes website.

The only challenge that you might run into with this app is preventing the child from tapping the screen themselves and giving themselves credit for eating, when maybe they didn't actually eat their food. A difficult thing to get around with how tech-savvy kids are these days :) I would recommend trying to keep the iPad within the child's sight, but not within their reach.

App Information:

Name of App: Tiny Tastes
Publisher: Little Turtle
Compatible with: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch; Requires iOS 8.0 or later
Price: Free!

Tiny Tastes is also available for Android!

*Disclosure: All writing and opinions are my own. Information was correct at the time of publication, but is subject to change, so please confirm prior to downloading. This post contains affiliate links.


  1. Great Review! I also posted a review on my blog (which is on the Linky today). One point that I checked out: in-app purchases are regulated so as to reduce the chances that children could accidentally make a cash purchase through the app. That might be an important for OTs who are thinking of recommending this app to their clients.

  2. Hi Abby, thanks for checking out Tiny Tastes! To give your professional readers a sneak peek at what we're working on next: we are developing a web portal called Tiny Tastes PRO where the photos that are taken of the child's food in the app can be uploaded into an online database so that therapists/pros can review their feeding progress between visits. We hope Tiny Tastes will be helpful for you and your patients!


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