Monday, June 11, 2012

Early Detection of Autism

I think most parents and therapists agree that early detection of autism is critical in obtaining positive outcomes for children. In this TEDxPeachtree Talk, Dr. Ami Klin discusses how differences in eye contact can be seen in babies with and without autism as young as six months of age. This could potentially lead to very early intervention for children with autism.

Autism: Disruptions in Early Human Social Adaptation Mechanisms by Dr. Ami Klin

I especially like the end of the talk when Dr. Klin talks about the strengths that individuals with autism possess and how early identification will help these individuals succeed.

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  1. Dr. Klin's talks (via the Yale autism seminars) were some of my earliest introductions to autism. He is a brilliant man and I can only hope that more people will hear his message and see the truth in it. My daughter is a living example of the power of early intervention. It works.


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