Wednesday, June 27, 2012

iPad Light Box

On Monday I wrote about the Baby Finger app. While working with a kiddo with a visual impairment (who is very drawn to light and her light box), I thought, "I wonder if I could use my iPad like a light box?"

Using the blank screen on the Baby Finger app, this is what I came up with:
In a dark room, I placed two rings on the iPad screen. Check out that contrast! Now it is much easier for a child with a visual impairment to see the rings and reach out for them.

The only problem is, the Baby Finger app will display an image and a sound if the screen is touched. So, I searched the app store for light box apps and this is what I found:

ILoveFilm - This app is designed to look like an old light box that is used to view images from photography film. Remember, cameras use to have film in them? There is a small border as you can see in the screenshot below, but overall it works well as a light box. I would prefer it without the border, but for a free app, I really can't complain.

Light Pad HD - I haven't tried this app, but it has consistently positive reviews in the app store. The Light Pad HD app is designed to view photo film or x-rays, and provides an option to light up the entire iPad screen, without any border. If you really don't want the border that the ILoveFilm app has, this app is probably a good option for only $1.99.

Have you ever used your iPad as a light box? If so, how did it work? What apps do you use with children with visual impairments? Please share your experiences in the comments below!


  1. Thanks, this was just what I was looking for! I am a stained glass artist, and I need to be able to see colours clearly - the free app workes perfectly for my needs. :)

  2. I tried it a few times but liked a bigger workspace for the things I was doing. For some things I was doing it work REALLY great but most others I needed more space.

  3. I used mine quite a few times with students who prefer to light gaze to use their vision more efficiently to reach for an object or make a choice. However, I have found that I sometimes need more space than the ipad provides and I had to switch to the APH light box mini.


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