Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Parent's Perspective - AutismWonderland

Today I would like to welcome Lisa, of AutismWonderland! Lisa is mom to 6 year old Norrin, who has autism and ADHD. Lisa is a full-time mom, secretary by day, and grad student by night! Lisa's AutismWonderland has been named a Top 30 Autism Blogs for Parents. 

Our life in five words:

We're a typical (atypical) family.

Four qualities I look for in a therapist:

compassion, understanding, enthusiasm, humor



Three resources I can't live without:

  1. Facebook - It's my largest network of autism parent support. If I have a question or concern, I can always have it answered by someone on Facebook.
  2. Play-Doh - My son always finds it calming.
  3. Wrightslaw: From Emotions to Advocacy: The Special Education Survival Guide by Pam Wright and Pete Wright. 


Two words (or more!) of advice for therapists working with children with autism:


Many reports and evaluations focus on all the things our children can't do. I have learned to accept that reports need to focus on the negative in order to maintain services. However - parents need to hear the good stuff too. Even if you have to pull us to the side and whisper it.

A word of advice for the parents of a child newly diagnosed with autism:

Let go of all timetables when it comes to your child. Ignore the milestone charts you read in some parenting books. Your child is an individual and will meet those milestones at his/her own pace. And those are the milestones that will keep you going.

One dream for my child:

I want my child to grow up to be a happy, confident and independent young man. I want him to know that he is a valuable member of society and I want society to recognize him as such.

And finally, what I do to rest and recharge:

I do a few things. Sometimes I sit on the sofa and watch mindless television. Sometimes on my way home from work, I walk through Central Park. The park is so peaceful, it gives me time to think and unwind after a long day of work. I go home feeling more relaxed.

Thank you so much, Lisa for sharing your perspective! You can follow Lisa and Norrin's journey at and Also, be sure to check out Lisa's new weekly series, Autism Hopes, on the blog, To The Max, starting with 5 Things You Don't Know About an Autism Parent and Does My Child Have Autism? When in Doubt, Check it Out.

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