Friday, November 2, 2012

Five Friday Features

Whew! What a week it has been! My thoughts go out to those who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy. Here in Massachusetts, the damage was minimal and power outages were short, but many others were not so lucky. I can't stop thinking about families with children with children with special needs who need and depend on technology to keep their children healthy.

In the midst of all of the hurricane news, here are some other things that caught my eye this week.

  1. World OT Day was on October 27 and to celebrate Online Technology 4 Occupational Therapy held a 24 hour virtual exchange. I have no excuse for not checking it out, since I had power AND I was home from work because school was cancelled, but nonetheless I did not listen to any of the sessions. I am hoping they will be archived here and I will be able to check them out a later date.
  2. In honor of World OT Day, Linda (over at Linda's Daily Living Skills) hosted an OT Blog Carnival. The theme was the same as the theme of World OT Day: Finding Balance. I haven't had a chance to read through all of the submissions, but I am looking forward to checking them out this weekend and discovering some new OT blogs. I hope you will do the same! Click here to visit the OT Blog Carnival.
  3. Remember this New York Times Op-Ed? I Had Asperger Syndrome. Briefly. New York Magazine is back on that topic, questioning, is everyone on the autism spectrum? Hmmm...interesting read.
  4. Baby play tables are one of my must-have pieces of equipment for early intervention therapy. MamaOT has a great post articulating exactly my thoughts on why they are so great. Be sure to check it out here!
  5. Did you hear about these NICU nurses? Amazing.

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