Friday, November 9, 2012

Five Friday Features

Patch Bed Bugs

  1. A group of my students earned an activity pass this week, which means that they got to play a game of their choice. It was a little blast from the past when they chose Bedbugs. Bedbugs was my absolute favorite game when I was a kid! Not only has this game not changed at all since the 80s, but it's great for developing fine motor skills and hand eye coordination!
  2. My Munch Bug has updated their website. Check it out here for tons of articles and other great information on feeding!
  3. When I opened my 1-Minute Update in my inbox from AOTA, I was so happy to see three of my favorite blogs featured in an article about OT Mommy Bloggers. Be sure to visit Embrace Your Chaos, Mama OT, and A Stroke of OT for great ideas from mommies who just happen to be occupational therapists.
  4. The American Occupational Therapy Foundation is committed to advancing research, enhancing leadership, and fostering excellence in occupational therapy education and practice. When I was in OT school, I received a scholarship from the AOTF and now that I'm a practitioner I turn to AOTF as a resource for the latest OT research. I love the Research Resources email that shows up in my inbox each month! AOTF is on Facebook where they share news tailored for the OT community. AOTF is currently striving to reach 1,000 followers. Visit them on Facebook and help them reach their goal!
  5. Are you experiencing occupational balance in your life? Take this fun quiz to find out!

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