Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Forget checklists, get a luggage tag!

Do you have a visual schedule or a visual checklist hanging by the door to help your child get ready for school? Despite the checklist, do you still have to remind your child to get everything on the list before heading out the door? I have a simple solution for you: replace the list with a luggage tag.

Just pick up a basic luggage tag and then one morning when your child is getting ready to go out the door, stop and take a quick photo. Make sure it's a day when your child has remembered everything and looks "ready for school."

Then you'll print your picture, which will look something like this:
First Day of School

Simply place the photo in the luggage tag. Next, attach the luggage tag to the child's backpack. Now your child has a visual to refer to for how "ready for school" should look. The student can look at the photo to see that she should have her clothes and shoes on, as well as have her jacket, backpack, and lunchbox.

This can also be used for a bag for sports practice or going to Grandma and Grandpa's house.

*Today's tip is another great tip I picked up at a presentation by Sarah Ward, MS, CCC-SLP, co-founder with Kristen Jacobsen, MS, CCC-SLP, of Cognitive Connections.
For more information, check out their website Cognitive Connections or follow them on Twitter! 
Follow Sarah Ward, MS, CCC-SLP on Twitter: @swardtherapy
Follow Kristen Jacobsen, MS, CCC-SLP on Twitter @KJSLP

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