Saturday, June 29, 2013

Weekend Reads

Happy Weekend! With the demise of Google Reader now just hours away, I am officially a Feedly convert. In fact, I already like it better than Google Reader, so I'm thankful that this change was forced upon me. If you hurry and make the switch before Google Reader closes it's doors July 1, then you can transfer all of your favorite blogs and RSS feeds into Feedly with one simple click. Seriously. It's that easy.

This is what my Feedly looked like this morning on my iPad:
A 'popular' post showed up on the left (of course it was a post by Kate from Chasing Rainbows with her always touching writing), followed by a post from 'today' (top right - from Becoming Minimalist if anyone's interested in what I like to read that's not therapy related), and then all of my unread feeds in chronological order came after that.

It was so easy to swipe through and mark posts as read (because I'm compulsive like that). I personally like having the magazine layout with a photo showing up with each post, but for Google Reader die-hards, you can change it to a list view and it looks and feels very similar to Google Reader. (For more detail on how to do that, check out this article 'How to Make Feedly Look Like Google Reader')

If you are one of the few remaining who have procrastinated longer than myself on choosing a new reader, here's the article that convinced me to use Feedly (which happens to be from one of my favorite non-therapy blogs, Everyday Reading).

As I got caught up on blog reading today (I got waaaay behind with the end of the school-year madness), I saved a few of my favorites with a summer theme to share with all of you.

OT Corner: Summer FUN (Shhh....Don't Tell Them it's Actually Therapy) | PediaStaff. Tips from an OT for making the most out of summer. 

Summertime 'At Home' Occupational Therapy | Special-Ism. More tips from an OT for making the most of summertime for children with ADHD.

Enjoying Summer with Sensory Issues | AOTA's Checking the Pulse. A roundup of what OT's can do to help children with sensory processing issues this summer.

Teacher Tuesday...Water Letters | Fundanoodle. Looking for some fun and educational ways to play with water this summer? Water letters is a fun activity from a kindergarten teacher to work on letter formation while playing with water.

Okay...this last one isn't completely summer related, but I want to share it anyway.....

Tips for Overcoming Learning Disabilities | MamaOT. Christie of MamaOT had a baby this week!! I'm helping her out this week with a guest post on learning disabilities. While you're visiting her blog, be sure to check out Ken Myers' guest post on fun water-based sensory play activities for summer.

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  1. Thanks for the link! I'm still mourning the loss of Google Reader, but making Feedly work. Glad to have found you!


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