Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What's new at AOTA?

Lots, apparently!

AOTA underwent a website redesign last year and it looks like it just keeps getting better and better. Here are a few of the changes and new resources that caught my eye.

A new Everyday Evidence Podcast Series. The most recent podcast was on Autism and Social Success

While digging around in the Evidence-Based Practice section of the website, I came across the Research Opportunities Table. It looks like this is possibly brand new? Or maybe no one is using it yet? Either way, I hope it turns into a way to connect OT researchers and clinicians. This is something I'll be keeping an eye on.

A new Fact Sheet on Autism-related Wandering....and an information sheet on Social and Emotional Learning.

A childhood occupations toolkit, which includes tip sheets on establishing routines for mornings, tummy time, bedtime, and bath time.  

The spreadsheet of apps for children and youth seems to be updated fairly regularly. There are definitely some new-to-me apps on the list that I want to check out!

AOTA's 1-Minute Update is now called Practice Pulse. I personally like the change and I feel like I am getting more useful information in the Practice Pulse emails.

* Disclosure: This post is not sponsored or influenced by AOTA in any way. I am simply a proud AOTA member and love to share all of the great resources AOTA has to offer. 

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