Sunday, February 10, 2013

Yarn Heart Ornament

Looking for a simple, last minute Valentine's Day craft? I've got you covered. These heart ornaments can be made with a few simple supplies that you probably have laying around your house.

Supplies needed:

  • cardboard
  • yarn 
  • scissors
  • hole punch


  • Cut a heart shape out of cardboard (I did this step for my students)
  • Cut small notches around the edge of the heart (I had some of my students do this step themselves - cutting through cardboard is great for increasing hand strength)
  • Punch a hole near the top of the heart
  • Lace yard around the heart, pulling it tight into the notches
  • Continue until you're satisfied with the design you've created
  • Lace a loop of yarn through the hole and tie
  • Hang the heart and enjoy!

Skills addressed:

  • bilateral coordination
  • fine motor dexterity
  • eye hand coordination
** For an extra challenge, make a sample heart ornament, and then have your child try to make the same design on her cardboard heart. I tried this with one of my students and it is very challenging. It was a good test of frustration tolerance for both of us :-)

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