Monday, December 5, 2011

Fine Motor Gift Wrap

With holiday season fast approaching, why not make the gift wrap part of the fun?  All you need is a small gift and a variety of items to wrap it in, such as yarn, foil, Wikki Stix, colored tape, or pipe cleaners.

Here's how you do it:

Gather your supplies. I was wrapping some Silly Putty, and I used aluminum foil, Wikki Stix, pipe cleaners and twine as the 'gift wrap'.
First, I wrapped a Wikki Stick around the Silly Putty. 
Then I added a pipe cleaner.

Then I wrapped the whole thing in foil.

Followed by some twine.
And then some more pipe cleaners to add some color.

This will really get those little fingers working to get to the surprise inside! 

For school therapists, this could be a fun addition to your treasure chest, or a neat birthday surprise for your students. This is also a good party favor for birthday parties or a fun way to wrap stocking stuffers.

This idea was inspired by the layered ball scavenger hunt over at Be sure to go check it out for a great fine motor activity!

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