Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide for Elementary School Age Children

The last installment of my holiday gift guides focuses on elementary school aged children. Children at this age are developing their motor and cognitive abilities into more complex skills, such as skills needed to participate in team sports and to complete school assignments with multiple steps. This age is a great time for games that challenge motor skills and further develop problem solving skills.

Magna Tiles
These magnetic tiles stick together on all sides and are great for building and creating anything you can imagine. Works on fine motor and visual perceptual skills.

ThinkFun Games
I love the brand ThinkFun! Their products include a number of mind bending games that challenge kids to think strategically. Many of these games will continue to challenge kids (and their parents) for years! Below are a couple of my favorites:

ThinkFun Rush Hour
This game has four levels, ranging from beginner to expert. Cars and trucks are set up on a grid, and then you have to figure out how to get the red car out of the gridlock. Great for visual spatial skills! Also, if you have an iPad, be sure to check out the ThinkFun Rush Hour app!


ThinkFun Shape by Shape
This tangram style game also encourages use of visual spatial skills and problem solving.

Ravensburger Make N Break Challenge Family Game
I love any game that includes the use of tongs (always looking to challenge fine motor skills). This building game not only challenges fine motor skills and dexterity, it also challenges your visual perceptual skills as you reproduce the designs on the cards.

I hope you find this list helpful!

What are your favorite gifts for elementary school aged children? 

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