Monday, December 5, 2011

Free Pediatric Virtual Chat Tomorrow on Toy Selection

Pediatric Virtual Chats are a great resource available on the AOTA website. Tomorrow, December 6, they are holding a virtual chat on Toy Selection at 11:00 EST. Click here for more information.

Not available tomorrow, or reading this after December 6th? You can listen to a recorded version of the chat here. Be sure to check out all of the past virtual chats as well! These are a number of timely topics for pediatric occupational therapists.


  1. Thanks Abby. I have hung out on the Connections site, but did not know about the pediatric virtual chats. Great information. Thanks.
    Tonya @ Therapy Fun Zone

  2. I've known about these for awhile, but just recently started listening to them. They seem to be fairly short (30-40 minutes), so you don't have to give up an entire afternoon to listen to one! AOTA has a lot of great resources if you just dig around a bit!


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