Monday, January 9, 2012

Sensory Friendly Films

AMC Theaters have teamed up with the Autism Society to show sensory friendly films. These showings have no previews, so they get right to the movie. Best of all, they have the lights turned up, the sound turned down, and movie-goers are invited to get up and move around during the showing!

Check out the AMC website for more information and a listing of participating theaters. My local theater is not on the list, but I know that they recently started participating in the program. If you don't see your local theater on the list, first call to see if they are participating. If they are not yet participating, the AMC website contains a contact to request a sensory friendly film in your area. A parent in my area recently did this and the first showing was such a hit that we now have regular showings of sensory friendly films!

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