Tuesday, March 13, 2012

For Our Babies: A Call for Better Beginnings

As an occupational therapist providing services to children in a birth to three program, I am a strong believer in providing sound beginnings for all children.

Did you know that the human brain grows to 85% of its adult size between conception and age three?

For Our Babies is a national movement promoting healthy development in US children from conception to age three.

For Our Babies advocates for the following:
~Supported Pregnancies
     ~Prenatal health care coverage for all families, regardless of income, including home-based support and counseling during pregnancy
     ~Affordable intervention services for at-risk pregnancies
~Paid Leave & Well Baby Care
    ~Paid leave for parents for the first nine months of their child's life
    ~Affordable developmental screenings to identify physical and behavioral needs, with referral to affordable help when needed
~Screening & Follow-Up Services
    ~Affordable visits to the homes of all newborns for the first two years that include guidance by professionals trained in parenting and healthy development, along with counseling on early emotional, social, intellectual, linguistic, and perceptual/motor development
    ~Affordable services for children with identified special needs
    ~Free intervention services for families in crisis
~Quality Infant/Toddler Care
    ~Child care regulations that ensure that care is provided in safe, engaging, and intimate settings
    ~ Training, compensation, and professional stature for infant and toddler teachers at the same level as K-12 teachers
    ~Childcare subsidies for all families 
To get involved or to learn more about For Our Babies and their mission, visit www.forourbabies.org.

You can also follow For Our Babies on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ForOurBabies 

Healthy babies grow into productive adults. It is crucial that we capitalize on the rapid growth and development of babies and toddlers before age three.

I have signed the For Our Babies pledge. Will you?

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