Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Celebrating OT Month | Products developed by OTs

I'm continuing the OT Month celebration today by sharing some cool products that were developed by occupational therapists.

MoveAbout Activity Cards. These activity cards were developed by David Jereb, OTR/L and Kathy Jereb, COTA/L. This deck of 64 cards provides quick and easy sensory activities to help children refocus, calm down, or regain energy. I have not personally used these cards, but they get great Amazon reviews and are on my wishlist!

Fundanoodle. Fundanoodle is an education readiness program designed in collaboration with two occupational therapists, Michelle Yoder, OTR/L, CIMI and Amy Bumgarner, MS, OTR/L, to improve the skills needed for handwriting and other everyday activities of children. I have the Letter Muscle Mover Cards, which I like to use for both the writing practice and the movement. Fundanoodle has lots of other products that I'd like to check out too, like the I Can Cut! activity book.

Aimee's Babies. Aimee Ketchum, OTR/L, CNMI has developed a line of products to teach parents how to help their babies reach early developmental milestones. These products include interactive DVDs and apps that walk parents through the steps of infant massage and early milestones. Such a great resource for first time parents!

Mead RediSpace paper. I love this paper! It's available on Amazon, but I first stumbled upon this paper in the office section of Target. I've only used the RediSpace Transitional Notebook Paper (great for kids working on spacing or aligning numbers!), but the Letter and Number Stories, Shape Builders, and Early Learning Idea Builders all look awesome, too!

Therapy Fun Zone. Tonya Cooley, OTR/L has created a fantastic resource for therapists, teachers and parents on her website. In addition, she has a set up a store where many of the products are her own, but any therapist who has a product to sell can do so through the Therapy Fun Zone store. I personally love the Munchy Ball Game and all of the digital downloads.

Handwriting Without Tears. I am a huge fan of Handwriting Without Tears and I use these products all the time! The entire Handwriting Without Tears empire was created and founded by Jan Olsen, OTR. When I attended The Print Tool Workshop, Jan Olsen was the presenter! I couldn't even believe it! She is a wonderful person and has created an incredible product.

I Can Tie Shoelaces. These shoelaces were designed by two occupational therapists, Alex and Lauren Flores. These laces are designed with velcro to help hold the loops in place while learning to tie shoes. What a great idea for teaching shoe tying!

Under Armor MagZip. This one handed zipper was the result of a mother-son/OT-engineer team. I think OT-engineer teams are the best, but I may be a bit biased as I'm married to an engineer. The MagZip should be hitting the shelves by the end of this year.

*Amazon links throughout are affiliate links.

Have you used any of these great products created buy OTs? Are there any products that you would add to this list? Please share in the comments!

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