Friday, July 25, 2014

A Few Things

Is summer really halfway over? I guess it depends on where you live. Here in California, kids are heading back to school in a few weeks, but I know in Massachusetts school starts a bit later than that. While you think about how to spend your next few weeks of summer, here are a few things that I think are worth sharing.

I love this sticky easel activity from No Time for Flashcards. It's great for fine motor skills AND it uses a vertical surface. What more can an OT ask for in an activity?

This magnetic sand castle is pretty awesome too!

Starfish Therapies shared how to incorporate sensory activities at home. Especially helpful during these summer months!

How to make lavender scented playdough for quiet time.

Looking for a sweet treat to keep you cool this summer? These healthy banana fudgsicles look great!

Here's a fun (and cool) way from Mama OT on how to use ice cube trays for fine motor development.

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