Friday, July 18, 2014


This month, AOTA is partnering with OT Associations around the world to encourage practitioners and students to share their #OTLifeHack ideas on social media throughout the month of July. What is a life hack? AOTA explains it as:

"any trick, shortcut, skill, or new method that solves an everyday problem."
So, basically, it's what we, as occupational therapists do everyday with our clients! Today, some OT bloggers are having a bit of a hackathon and we're sharing some of our favorite OT Life Hacks on our blogs. I dug deep into my blog archives and rounded up some of my favorite OT Life Hacks.

Top five #OTLifeHack ideas from OT Cafe:

1. Have a student that is having trouble sitting still in class? Try tying an old bicycle tire tube around the legs of the chair so the student can kick and fidget into the tube while receiving some proprioceptive input.

2. Know a kiddo that can't quite turn the pages in a book? Use rubber pads to make an adapted board book. 

3. Know a student with a hooked wrist when writing? Or difficulty copying from the board? Or difficulty placing letters on the line? A writing slant board may help. Velcro a clipboard to a some binders to create your own writing slant board. 

4. Teaching elapsed time? Try coloring on the clock face to help kids visualize the passage of time.

5. Working with a student who has limited finger dexterity and can't hold a standard crayon. Use clay to make an adapted crayon!


Be sure to check out more great #OTLifeHack ideas from these bloggers:

Follow along and join in on the fun on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #OTLifeHack. What are your favorite OT Life Hacks?

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