Friday, October 14, 2011

In my therapy old bicycle tube

In this era of shrinking budgets, it pays to get creative with supplies. I can't remember where I first heard about doing this, but an old bicycle tube is a great replacement for Theraband. I often tie Theraband around the legs of a classroom chair for the student to kick into to get proprioceptive input while sitting. This allows the student to fidget and receive sensory input, which can help with the student's ability to focus, concentrate and most importantly, remain seated. This also works well for fidgety children who can't sit still at the dinner table long enough to get through a meal with their family.

A used bicycle tube is a great replacement for the more expensive Theraband. It provides the same sensory input and it's something that a teacher or parent can obtain on their own, so they don't feel intimidated by the occupational therapist's specialized supplies. As you can see in the pictures below, I just tied an old bicycle tube around the legs of a classroom chair.

Now it's time to head out to your local bike shop and ask for their old bicycle tubes! I have found that they are happy to give them away, as they are just going to throw them in the trash. It's a great way to recycle and save money!

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