Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dirt and Worms

Dirt and Worms is a fun activity for Halloween. I believe that food should be fun and during feeding therapy, I like to show kids how food can take different forms. In this recipe for Dirt and Worms, we crush the cookies with a rolling pin to make cookie crumbs. This recipe can be great for sensory exploration of a variety of textures (sticky gummy worms, wet pudding, dry cookie crumbs). I also like to use a Fun Chop Chopstick Helper to promote fine motor skills.

Dirt and Worms Recipe

What you will need:
  • chocolate pudding cup (you can also use instant pudding)
  • Oreo cookies (I used mini Oreos, but regular size will also work)
  • gummy worms
  • sandwich bag
  • rolling pin 
  • Fun Chop Chopstick Helper (optional)
Step 1: Scoop the pudding into a small bowl

Step 2: Place the cookies into the plastic bag

     optional: you can use the chopstick helper to complete this step

Step 3: Crush the cookies with a rolling pin

Step 4: Place the worms in the cup of pudding (again, you can use the chopstick helper if you want to work on fine motor skills)
Step 5: Pour the cookie crumbs on top of the pudding and worm mixture


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