A Parent's Perspective

Want to check out previous Parent's Perspective features? You can find them all here! If you want to read about a family's experience with a specific disability, just look for the diagnosis you're interested in listed after each feature.

March 2013

Sailing Autistic Seas (autism)

February 2013

JJ's Journey (autism)

January 2013

Adventures in Mattyland (cerebral palsy, visual impairment)
Clara's Happy Thumbs (DiGeorge Syndrome, autism)

December 2012

Team Aidan (developmental delay)
Jester Queen (autism/Asperger's)

November 2012

More Than Words (non verbal)
Reinventing Mommy (autism)

October 2012

CP Daily Living (cerebral palsy)
Outrageous Fortune (cerebral palsy)
Chasing Rainbows (cerebral palsy, undiagnosed genetic syndrome)

September 2012

Along Came the Bird (autism)
Lemonade Lifestyle (2q23.1 Microdeletion Syndrome)

August 2012

A Life Less Ordinary (cerebral palsy)
Life With My X-Men (Fragile X syndrome)
AutismWonderland (autism)
Anybody Want a Peanut? (autism)

July 2012

We Can Do All Things (Down syndrome)
Thomas Marshall Does It All (visual impairment)
Having a Fields Day (autism)

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