Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April Showers

It's been nearly 90 degrees this week, but believe it or not, it was raining here in the desert last week. We don't get much rain here, so I jumped on the opportunity to create some raindrops to develop fine motor skills.

Tearing tissue paper is a good standby to develop fine motor skills and bilateral coordination, and it can be applied to any season or holiday (think green shamrocks, pink hearts, orange pumpkins, yellow sun, rainbows, the list goes on...).

Just cut some tissue paper (or construction paper for more of a challenge) into strips and then have fun tearing into small pieces!

Then work those hands to crumple the paper and glue onto the paper.

What is your favorite craft to make with tissue paper?


  1. It's also fun to crumple the paper up and make flowers. You can gently open it back up and glue in a rolled up ball of tissues paper for the middle. I've never tried it but you could probably have the child tear the strips and then help them position the strips on clear contact paper. That would make a cute "stained glass" picture to hang in the window.

    1. Those are great ideas! There are so many fun things to do with tissue paper to develop fine motor skills!


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