Thursday, May 29, 2014

8 Ways to Play | Kitten Caboodle

When Educational Insights contacted me to check out some of their summer releases, the cat lover in me couldn't resist Kitten Caboodle. (Don't worry! If you're more of a dog person, Educational Insights also has a dog version of this game called Diggity Dogs). While these two card games don't scream OT, like some of the other games and toys that Educational Insights offers (Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel game, anyone?), they are still fun AND educational. What's not to love about that combination?
 Aren't these cats just the cutest?

Kitten Caboodle is a go-fish style card game. The object is to adopt as many kittens as possible by collecting cards that match the items pictured on the cat's card. So while your kids are busy having fun, they're also working on matching, sorting, counting, and turn taking skills!

As an occupational therapist, I tend to look at games through my "OT eyes." To me, a good game is one that can be adapted to work on a variety of skills and can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. If you're looking to get a bit more out of your game, here are a few more ways to have fun with your Kitten Caboodle game.

8 ways to play Kitten Caboodle:

Turn the cards into a game of memory!

  1. Play the old fashioned way! Best for kids ages 5 and up.
  2. Use the cards to play a game of memory.
  3. Trace the box and then draw a picture of a cat. Tracing is great for developing bilateral coordination skills!
  4. Want more tracing practice? Trace the cats too!
  5. For kids just beginning to write, copy the name of the cats onto a piece of paper.
  6. For older kids, use the cards and cats as sentence prompts.
  7. For younger kids, use the cards to practice matching and sorting.
  8. Use the cat cards to encourage speech. "Cooper wants a mouse, a bed, and yarn."

Where to buy your own game:

Kitten Caboodle is available on the Educational Insights website or Amazon.
If Diggity Dogs is more your style, you can find it here or here.

Connect with Educational Insights:

Twitter: @ed_insights

What other ways would you play Kitten Caboodle?  

This game was received complimentary of Educational Insights in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own. Links to Educational Insights and Amazon are affiliate links

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