Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Workplace Wednesday | The therapy bag dilemma

Ahhh...the therapy bag.

I recently went to a home visit as the developmental therapist was leaving. With a bag that was, no joke, almost as big as her.

I'm not a believer in bringing a bag full of toys with me to home visits. I used to do that. For years, actually. And I felt funny about it the whole time, but that's what everyone I worked with did. I was new to early intervention and I wasn't yet confident enough as a therapist to forge my own path.

But after leaving early intervention for two years, I'm trying to start fresh. Without a therapy bag full of toys and fun activities.

And it is hard.

It's just so much easier to walk in the door with a plan. To walk in with five toys that will target the developmental skills I'd like to work on that day.

I'm already finding myself slip up from time to time. I feel like parents want the bag of toys. And even expect it. But I regret bringing in a bag every time I do it.

So I'm trying. Trying so hard to let go of the therapy bag and the comfort that comes with it. I'll keep you posted on my experience of stepping outside of this particular comfort zone.

I have a feeling this will be a recurring topic here on Workplace Wednesdays. If you work in early intervention, what are your thoughts on the therapy bag?

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