Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Features

This week I...

- wrote a guest post for Love That Max, Summer fun for kids with special needs (that's actually therapy). Check it out and leave your favorite summer activities for kids with special needs in the comments section!

- made the list of Top 10 Occupational Therapy Blogs by The Healthy Per Diem! I'm honored to have made the list and happy to hear that people find the information on my blog worth reading.

So, what does the picture have to do with my post? In about an hour I'll be heading off to the airport to make my way to Iowa. On Sunday I will start riding my bike across Iowa with about, oh, TEN THOUSAND other cyclists. It's my favorite week of the year! I'm looking forward to a week of being outdoors and unplugged (and eating lots and lots of homemade pie!). For the next week or so, no Facebook, no Twitter, no Pinterest, no Instagram, no email, no the way it used to be :-) Don't get me wrong, I love all of those things, but I do think we should all take a healthy break now and then to recharge. I do have a few posts scheduled for while I'm away, including another fantastic Parent's Perspective, coming up next Wednesday!

Friday Features Links:

- Tongue in Cheek SLP is in the middle of a four part series about the benefits of eating a rainbow of foods. This week's post focused on the color green. Last week was all about red, orange, and yellow. Be sure to stop by and subscribe to the posts, so you can learn about the entire rainbow of foods.

- MamaOT shared 10 types of toys and games every preschooler should have. This is a fantastic list! She also wrote 7 types of toys every toddler should have and 15 toys for baby's first year. What a great series! I hope it will continue to older children as well!

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  1. Thanks for sharing my links, Abby, and glad you enjoyed the series on toys for kids ages birth-five. Hope you have a great time on your adventure!
    Christie at


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