Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Last minute 4th of July craft

Looking for a simple idea for a 4th of July craft? Look no further than the red and blue scraps around your house! Just gather some tissue paper, scraps of fabric and ribbon, stickers, glitter, and whatever else you can find.

Then turn this...

...into this...

...while working on all of these skills:

  • using both hands to peel stickers off the sheet
  • strengthening little hands to squeeze glitter glue
  • developing scissor skills while snipping ribbon
  • using both hands to tear tissue paper into smaller pieces
  • in hand manipulation skills to roll and squish tissue paper into smaller pieces
  • strengthen and use both hands to open a glue stick
  • visual motor skills to put glue on paper and then shake glitter on the glue
  • and more!

You don't need fancy supplies to do a craft project. Just look around your house for scraps that your little one can turn into a piece of art!

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